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Пятница, 19 Июл 2019

How to print full size prints on A4 sheets?

выкройки веры ольховскойPrint patterns at home with free Adobe Reader software.

Just three mouse clicks - and it's done!

Print patterns at home 1

Adobe Reader –it is a free program and can be downloaded on the Internet.

After launching Adobe Reader offers to open files - the first

click of computer mouse.

When you opened the necessary file, click the printers icon in the upper left corner (on the picture it's circled).

And, on the tab that opens in the center of the window to the right of "Page scaling", select the option "Split large pages" and click "Enter". It's yettwo clicks.  ...

Print patterns at home 2After printing out the drawings, connect the sheets with adhesive tape and cut out the patterned size of you need.

In some versions of Adobe Reader, the print setup window looks a bit different.

You should "click the button" "Poster"  in the programs window and the button "Enter"  on the computer keyboard.

Attention! Not all versions of Adobe Reader have the right function! Our customers  had difficulties with the version of Adobe Reader IX.

We have working Adobe Reader XI. That avoid confusion, download the latest available version of this program.

Please note that in the mobile version of Adobe Reader has not  the necessary options for printing patterns.

And a video about how to collect a drawing and cut on electronic patterns.

If the pattern is on several large sheets, then, in order not to get confused when assembling, see another video instruction.

When assembling  printed pattern on A4 sheets, see how the pattern looks in the photos of the view on the page where it is described.

Use the FULL version for viewing if you look at the view from your mobile phone.

Or, if you work on a computer, open a free Adobe Reader and click button "Print" to navigate by the form of the print window.

If you are printing on a photo printer that prints without borders, be sure to enable the option "crop marks", on other printers, enabling of this option - will increase the paper consumption.

Some patterns for saving paper maded "in blending mode".

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